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A facial cleanser is a super important component of your skin’s health. You may already know the importance of cleansing daily to rid your face of makeup, oil, and impurities, but do you know how many times you should wash your face? We are giving you the 411 on how often you should wash your face and when are the best times of day to cleanse.

How to Wash in the Evening

Let’s start off with saying that you should be cleansing your skin every evening before you go to bed. During the day dirt and pollution accumulate on our skin’s surface and you need to cleanse off those particles so that they don’t negatively impact your skin. For dry, sensitive and normal skin the best facial cleanser is a gentle one to wash off any build-up. The facial cleansing product should be fragrance and alcohol-free so as to not irritate your skin. For oily and your-go-to-cleansing-routine-for-combination-skin skin, use a product that regulates oil production. Again, we recommend using something alcohol-free because alcohol can dry out your skin and can cause your skin to produce even more oil, which is the opposite of what you want it to do.

How to Wash Your Face in the Morning

Even though you cleansed your skin at night, you should also cleanse it when you wake up because sweat and oils have accumulated on your skin overnight. For dry and sensitive skin, you may want to avoid this step or use a non-wash creamy facial cleanser. Oily and combination skin can benefit from a facial cleanser formulated specifically for that skin type like Fab 5 Amino Daily Facial Wash. Finish your morning skincare routine with a moisturizer with SPF like Rinnovare Moisturizer to protect your skin before you head out for the day.


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