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Jennifer Young is the owner of Rinnovare Skincare LLC. The journey into the skincare world started years ago with founder Jennifer’s grandmother Mae. Referred to by family as Madea, and friends as Ms. Mae she mixed the family’s recipe in her kitchen for years. Ms. Mae created her first batch in 1944 and gave it to family and friends. Ms. Mae a cancer survivor had dark spot and uneven skin due to chemotherapy, and radiation treatments. The facial moisturizer helped to even her skin tone and reduced dark circles and skin discoloration. She never gave it an official name and it was fondly referred to when requested as "the cream". Rinnovare, and Jennifer is proud to honor her grandmother by naming the moisturizer “Mae’s Cream”.

Jennifer the brand owner is a former model. Common compliments from other models, and industry insiders throughout her career, were about her flawless skin. Jennifer's love for her grandmother, beauty and fashion planted the seed to pursue her dream of owning her own skincare company. It has been a dream to bring Mae's cream to market and share it with the world. Jennifer took her Mae's ingredients to a chemist who helped formulate what is now known as Rinnovare's daily facial moisturizer.

Mae's cream has helped many people improve their tone and skin texture. Word of mouth created a source of income and Mae soon began selling it out of the trunk of her car and home. Mae's cancer returned in 1985 and passed away, but not before passing the secret ingredients to her granddaughter Jennifer. Jennifer entered cosmetology and the fashion world at Mae's, and her mother's urging. She was signed as model to Clipse Model Management in 80's, and was a sought after model for TV commercials, runway, and print work. Jennifer went on to win the coveted state title of Ms. Texas Coed Model in 1985.

Essential skincare ingredients like Retinol and Hyaluronic acid have been added to Mae's faithful recipe. The "cream" finally had a name, and it honors Mae. There are three products in the Rinnovare Skincare line. The daily facial moisturizer (Mae's cream), KLA` our new Brazilian clay mask, and the Fab Five Amino daily facial wash. The company will introduce its fourth product a Vitamin C Serum in the third quarter of 2022. Give your skin a treat and try Rinnovare. You do not have to be born with great skins; you just need to use Rinnovare!


Hyaluronic Acid

able to penetrate the skin’s upper layers to improve and benefit the skin when applied topically.



Retinol has anti-aging properties that can smooth facial skin by increasing the production of new cells.


Aloe Vera

Contain antioxidants including, beta carotene, vitamin C and E that can help improve the skin's natural firmness.


Cocoa Butter

Improves blood flow to the skin and slows skin aging by protecting against damage from the sun's harmful UV rays.


Shea Butter

Boosts collagen production & improves skin conditions, including blemishes, wrinkles, & eczema.

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At Rinnovare Skin, we know that Good Genes aren't the only way to achieve great skin.
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